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Hello!  I'm Nova, a 

Portrait and Nature Photographer

who picked up a camera at a young age and was astounded by the fact I could capture moments.  I was always drawn to taking photos of nature and my family.  Together, those passions grew with my creativity and I began taking photos of friends.  I learned how to edit and how to use my camera and dove headfirst into this business.  

Stay a while and see what we can create together!


Recent Work


Nova Jarvis Photography

Specializing in portraiture, I offer shoots that deliver magic.  Whether you want a solo shoot, a couples shoot, or a family shoot, you'll be guaranteed photos that capture the little moments you hold dear.  Got an idea?  Throw it at me!  We can make it work!


NJ Nature Photography

Nature is where my passion for photography started.  I began by taking photos of squirrels and chipmunks on the lawn at my parent's house.  I moved up to dogs and the occasional moose before expanding to anything I could snap! 

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